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Cake Flavours

The flavour of your celebration cake is as important as the finish. Soooo many delicious flavours to choose from.

Please find below a list of my most popular cakes. Should you have a favourite which is not listed, please ask and we will endeavour to produce your choice.

Having multiple tiers? Why not have a mix of different flavours.

Sponge Cake

A traditional victoria sponge recipe, but layered with buttercream and preserve. (NOT fresh cream).

A choice of strawberry or raspberry preserve is available.

Rich Chocolate Cake

A rich chocolate cake filled with a choice of chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream or indulgent chocolate fudge icing.

Chocolate ganache is available for those who want more chocolate at an extra charge.

Lemon Drizzle

Moist lemon sponge, drizzled with fresh lemon and layered with lemon curd and buttercream

Coffee & Walnut

Moist coffee cake baked with walnuts, and layered with a coffee flavoured buttercream.


A moist sponge flavoured with Almond and layered with fresh cherry preserve.

Fruit Cake

A traditional rich fruit cake, molasses, spices and rum.

Covered with traditional marzipan. What's not to love?

Light Fruit Cake

A fruit cake containing fruit, wholemeal flour, buttermilk and a trace of rum.

Covered with traditional marzipan, enjoyable all year round. 

**Fruit cakes can be made without alcohol, but this MUST be requested at time of booking**

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